Effortless Endurance Total Immersion Workshop 14th May 2017

Human swimmers waste most of their energy: a typical swimmer converts only 3{f09be4e68a790078494bad402d1ee2d268ae90cb41c80aba0f70f560181e9b3f} of their energy into forward motion. For an elite swimmer like Michael Phelps it’s only 9{f09be4e68a790078494bad402d1ee2d268ae90cb41c80aba0f70f560181e9b3f}. For dolphins it’s 80{f09be4e68a790078494bad402d1ee2d268ae90cb41c80aba0f70f560181e9b3f}. Dolphins move through water; humans generally move water around. The smartest way to increase your endurance or speed is to reduce energy waste.

Would you like to swim a mile or more and feel energised, not exhausted, when you finish?
Would you like to swim more confidently in open water?
Would you like to make swimming the best part of your triathlon?

Our Effortless Endurance workshop will help you to achieve your goals.

Who is this workshop for?

Long-time swimmers who find themselves stuck on a plateau or who are losing motivation
New swimmers (able to swim at least 50 metres) who want to develop great habits
Self-coached swimmers who would like expert assessment and advice
Triathletes looking to improve swim times and use less energy
Open water swimmers looking to make their stroke more efficient

What happens in an Effortless Endurance workshop?

This workshop includes roughly 4 hours in the pool, and 3 hours in the classroom.
The Swimmer to Coach ratio will be a maximum of 6:1, allowing individualised instruction and feedback throughout the day.
Classroom sessions include video analysis from morning and afternoon pool sessions.
You will be given access to a detailed video analysis with graphic annotation and commentary, so you can continue to learn at home.
Tea, coffee and light snacks are provided. Please bring your own packed lunch and soft drinks.

What will you learn?

The three foundation skills of effortless swimming:

Balance and stability
Become ‘weightless’ by learning to cooperate with gravity instead of fighting it. Learning balance transforms struggle into smoothness and calms churning legs. It also brings the body control, and the mental focus necessary to learn every skill that follows.

Learn to move through water, rather than move it around, by shaping your body to be longer, better aligned, more hydrodynamic; learn to swim using techniques that minimise waves and turbulence. Sleek and slippery swimming means that you travel further and more easily on each stroke.

Whole body propulsion
Replace churning with effortless power by connecting arm and leg actions to rhythmic, relaxed weight-shifts initiated in the core. Instead of generating muscular force you’ll direct available forces of body mass and gravity.

What will you take away?

The tools to work on a transformed freestyle stroke
The knowledge to begin a path of continuous improvement
And you’ll enjoy swimming as never before. The more you enjoy it, the more you’ll practise and the more you’ll improve.


Date: Sunday 14th May 2017
Venue: Sciennes Primary School
10 Sciennes Road
Edinburgh EH9 1LG
Time: 8.45 – 5.30
Price: £200