Effortless Endurance Total Immersion Workshop 14th May 2017


Human swimmers waste most of their energy: a typical swimmer converts only 3{f09be4e68a790078494bad402d1ee2d268ae90cb41c80aba0f70f560181e9b3f} of their energy into forward motion. For an elite swimmer like Michael Phelps it’s only 9{f09be4e68a790078494bad402d1ee2d268ae90cb41c80aba0f70f560181e9b3f}. For dolphins it’s 80{f09be4e68a790078494bad402d1ee2d268ae90cb41c80aba0f70f560181e9b3f}. Dolphins move through water; humans generally move water around. The smartest way to increase your endurance or speed is to reduce energy waste.

Would you like to swim a mile or more and feel energised, not exhausted, when you finish?
Would you like to swim more confidently in open water?
Would you like to make swimming the best part of your triathlon?

Our Effortless Endurance workshop will help you to achieve your goals.

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